Damage Value Model Generator

This page generates all of the damage values for tools so that you can assign each one a different model. For map makers.

For help using this tool and for more information, watch the YouTube video about it.

Tool: Choose "other" for custom durability

Your selected tool has a durability of 385.

Generate for "unbreakable" tools.

Generate model file around result.

Add rising number after model placeholder.(e.g. diamond_hoe1, diamond_hoe2, diamond_hoe3...)

Default/placeholder model address:

This tool was developed with the help of Samasaurus 6 who helped me understand the model format, and Halbzwilling, who discovered how to make unbreakable-only textures.

This application is released under the creative commons license and may be redistributed, modified, shared or used to make tea. The Javascript code can be seen here. Credit to Sparks is appreciated but not required.

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